Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Kings Troop move into new Monarch Stables at Woolwich

The Kings Troop have just moved out of their old barracks in St Johns Wood to take up residence in their new stables at Woolwich.
Monarch Equestrian have flown the flag to provide British designed and built  Internal Stables and Stalls for the specially designed barracks and have worked with the main contractors Morgan Sindall to have this facility ready for the the big move.

Monarch have provided the 96 stalls and 40 stables, the specially designed stalls have the facility to swing when required and the stables provide generous sized accommodation for the Chargers. External doors and windows have also been designed to suit the requirements of the Troop  and their horses, by working with the Architects and Builders the end result is a stunning new facility.

Monarch Handling Stocks have been installed in the fully equipped pharmacy providing an ideal area for examination and treatment, which compliment the Isolation boxes and Sick Lines.

Monarch Equestrian are honoured to have been able to provide the stables at the new Barracks and would like to wish Commanding Officer Major Mark Edward and  the Kings Troop Royal Artillery the very best as they settle in to their new base.

Watch the Kings Troop take up residence in their new Monarch Stables
Watch the Kings Troop move out of their old Barracks in St Johns Wood


  1. It is also important the horses are living in a healthy environment as it will strengthen their immune system from disease. Be sure to ready some equine gastric ulcer meds, just in case needed.

  2. We totally agree that a health environment is very important,and the design of buildings to ensure a good flow of air and an open aspect is very important for their physical and mental well being. The benefit of the new barracks is that they have direct access to the common and a large outdoor arena,so plenty of fresh air compared to the old site. Monarch are always happy to advise on design and work with architects to ensure the best possible design layouts for the welfare of the horse. Hopefully happy, contented and sensibly feed horses will not need ulcer medication but it is good to know where to find it!

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