Monday, 4 March 2013

Country File visits Stallion AI 's new Monarch Stables

New Monarch Stallion Yard at Twemlows

The BBC's Country File visits Stallion AI in Whitchurch, Shrosphire to feature the work done by Tullis Matson and his Team in the preservation of Rare Breeds by freezing semen. They  featured a stunning Hackney Stallion from the Halloughton Stud . The programme showed the new specially designed stallion unit supplied by Monarch Equestrian.  The Monarch design team worked with Tullis to build this uniuqe stallion unit in time for this years stud season. The unit provides  roomy, airy boxes, that provide the necessary privacy for each stallion with  labour saving features such as swivel managers and aisle filling hay racks make life a little easier for staff in busy periods. 24 hr CCTV means Stallion owners can view their stallions at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Monarch Equestrian provide stables for BETA Iternational

World Horse Welfare at BETA International

This year the demonstration area at BETA International at the NEC Birmingham hosted a range of interesting product demonstrations throughout the 3 days .Once again Monarch Equestrian provided the stables for the demonstration horses and the backdrop to the presentation held on Tuesday by the World Horse Welfare .

Roly Owers, Chief Executive explained the charity's rehoming system ,and four of the ponies that had been rehomed appeared, all of whom  seems to enjoy the outing and were very well behaved! One pony had recently come back to be found a new home after the current rider had out grown her, so she will now be looking for somewhere she can continue to enjoy life as a true all rounder. Claire King ( Emmerdale star) also appeared as one of the WHW patrons and explained how she became involved with their

Other demonstrations and appearnces included Charlotte Dujardin and Elle Harrison (Countryfile presenter)  continued throughout the three days.