Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Monarch Horse Exerciser in North Africa

Last  year Monarch  installed a 36'0" Diameter Consort Plus Exerciser and Roof in the Benghazi region of Libya, we were asked to supply a senior technician to supervise the installation and fortunately we were able to complete the work before the unrest began in this part of the country.

On this occasion there was a considerable amount of work to do in putting the base down in sandy conditions and as the work was done by hand there was a lot of hard work involved !  Clients normally have the base completed prior to the arrival of our technician, as all the plans are provided for them to work to, this minimises the time the technician is required for and thus keep expense to a minimum. On this occasion they had under estimated the time it would take and not informed us that the base was not complete, so when our technician arrived there was still plenty to do, not a disaster fortunately as with the  hot conditions the concrete did not take long to go hard enough to start the erection of the Horse Exerciser! As you can see they were having a lot of work done so it was also difficult to get the component parts close to the base for ease of construction.
( Always something worth considering when you are planning where your Horse Exerciser will be sited).

Our clients who were wonderful hosts to our technician and very pleased with their new Monarch Exerciser, we hope that they have not been too affected by the troubles and that their horses have been able to benefit from using the Horse Exerciser.

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