Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Monarch Technicians travel to Brazil

Monarch Technicians flew out last week to Brazil, to enjoy the slightly warmer climate and install two Monarch Professional Horse Exercisers at a thoroughbred  Stud in the southern Brazil. After struggling through the artic conditions in Brtiain to reach Heathrow it will have been a pleasant task to spend a week in the sun fitting the Exercisers.We look forward to seeing photos the finished product and hearing about their travels.
Monarch offer a full installation service worldwide for both their Stables and Horse Exericsers, and are also able to send out senior techicians to supervised larger projects if the customer prefers to use their own labour.


  1. http://cottageme.com Thanks for sharing such an interesting information.

  2. Pleased you enjoyed the news,we are privelaged to see some wonderful places around the world where horses are kept while visiting our clients and installing our Stables and Horse Exercisers.

  3. Would the 2 horse Exercisers that you installed in Brazil be just as vulnerable as the machines sold and fitted in the UK.
    Have you made the stud aware of the safety risks associated with their use or should we send them our link www.monarch-Exercisers.co.uk